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Watering the colon with water is the most accomplished and effective form of intestinal hygiene to date.

By providing internal baths, irrigation allows true water therapy on the entire path of the colon.

Lying comfortably, a cannula is gently introduced into the rectum. This cannula has a dual function. Bring water on the one hand and allow the evacuation of faeces and waste water on the other hand.

During the treatment, a therapeutic massage promotes fragmentation and the detachment of fecal residues. It stimulates the colon and does a work of liberation of energies.

By alternating filling, bathing and draining, the water acts by soaking on the mucous membrane and not by washing.

The result is a gentle, gradual and in-depth cleansing and purification.

The resulting well-being is felt on a multitude of levels:  


Physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual


How to Prepare for Colon Irrigation?


It is advisable to eat light on the day of the session, in particular avoiding alcohol, coffee, tea, starches and meats.


The colon irrigation session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes if it is perfectly tolerated.


It takes an average of three to six sessions to cleanse the large colon. 

It all depends of course on the degree of intoxication of it.


It is illusory to think that the colon can be cleaned in a single session.


How often to perform the Colon Irrigation sessions?


Colon Irrigation can and should be used without fear depending on the need one feels.

We recommend 3 sessions of irrigation of the colon very close together in order to soften the stool and allow a more in-depth and more effective cleaning.

Depending on your needs, you can repeat a colon irrigation session per week, or per month or per year.

Then clean the other organs such as:

Liver / Gallbladder

Your Small Intestine

Your Kidneys


How do you feel after the Colon Irrigation?


Immediately after the session, some fatigue is felt.


The energizing action is perceived the next day and is coupled with a freshness of the complexion, an impression of new skin.


This dynamism is accompanied by a general lightening, "I feel liberated, lightened, clean inside…"


The effects of colon irrigation are multiple:


Weight loss in constipated, ankylosed patients, especially women with constipation / water retention / cellulite deposits, both in the thighs and in the abdomen.


It is not uncommon to observe weight loss in a single session, following the elimination of quantities of material and the revival of renal functions that correct water retention.

Other effects of hydrotherapy

The belly flattens thanks to the re-toning of the muscles of the colon and the elimination of significant amounts of material, as well as thanks to the increase in abdominal tone.


Elimination of the focus of intestinal intoxication will relieve patients suffering from genitourinary disorders: cystitis, oophoritis, menstruation disorders.

In addition, patients observe a revival of venous and lymphatic circulation. Hence lightening of the legs, melting of edemas and cellulite.


In addition to the general noticeable improvement, both psychically, physically and intellectually, all acute or chronic inflammatory states will be improved by irrigation of the colon, simply by stopping auto-intoxication of intestinal origin.

What is the Difference Between Enema and Colon Irrigation?

This difference is described by patients who regularly perform enemas:


The amount of old material evacuated still impresses those who previously thought they had excellent intestinal hygiene


Because the irrigation of the colon makes it possible to clean the colon in its entirety (ascending, transverse & descending).


Is there a limit to the practice of hydrotherapy?

No !


From the point of view of age, irrigation of the colon is practiced without risk in adolescents; young children more likely to use the classic enema.


Irrigation of the colon is safe, even in old age. I quote as proof the famous Irons who practices a colon irrigation per week at more than 90 years!

About electrolytes, trace elements and intestinal flora

Colon irrigation is wrongly accused of promoting the leakage of electrolytes, vitamins and others.


In fact, the irrigation of the colon, by its action of cleaning the mucosa, allows a perfect absorption of these elements whose metabolism was hampered by fecal stasis and a damaged colonic mucosa.


Likewise for the intestinal flora, we never observed diarrhea following colon irrigation sessions, which would have meant disturbances of the normal flora of the colon.  


On the contrary, by ridding the colon of unwanted hosts (pathological flora, yeasts,  fungi, parasites ...) and by sanitizing it, a normal flora will be strengthened in a few hours.


Irrigation of the colon is a gentle, controlled and thorough method of cleaning the large intestine by successive baths.

It has held a prominent place in the history of the health and physical, mental and emotional well-being of people around the world for millennia.

From Mesopotamia through China, the Americas, Greece and the Essenes ... Hippocrates, Celsus and Galen ... then more recently, Kousmine, Kellog, Irons, Walker and many others knew the importance of intestinal hygiene, preached and practiced it.

The method is now regaining its letters of nobility thanks, among other things, to the extraordinary development of technical means.

This makes it possible, during the sessions, to ensure perfect hygiene and comfort for each person thanks to a device equipped with:


Water pressure and flow control with automatic shutdown if the pressure rises

A thermostat regulating the water temperature

Filters for clean, pure water therapy

A closed evacuation system, odorless, with an observation tube for materials in the process of elimination and the possibility of taking samples

A closed and automatic decontamination system


The benefits of colon hydrotherapy on the body

Performs a powerful detoxification
Releases immune forces
Indispensable before and during a fast or a cure

Soothes bloating and pain

Re-educate the fat colonist

Treats constipation and diarrhea
Calm food poisoning and digestive problems
Soothes diverticulitis

Relieves chronic pain conditions 

Greatly relieves painful periods
Prevents sinusitis and chronic tonsillitis

Improves skin condition

Improves blood circulation in the pelvis and legs

Regenerates body and mind
Stimulates vital energy

Helps to find clear ideas and morale

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