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Candida Albicans is a yeast fungus that is part of a natural process.

Everyone houses Candida Albicans in their intestines to some extent.

Yes, that means it is inside your body ...

Right here right now.

Our intestines are also home to a multitude of bacteria that feed on this yeast and therefore limit its quantity to a low level. This prevents Candida Albicans from becoming a problem.

Candida becomes problematic when it grows beyond its normal level and spreads throughout the gastrointestinal system. Then in the circulatory system to spread throughout the body.

Once released into your bloodstream, the yeast does one remarkable thing: it turns into a fungus ...


When it escapes your intestines, it invades the mothership just like an Alien. The fungus colonizes your tissues and quickly spreads throughout your body.

To sum up in a few words, Candidiasis can take your life hostage as it can affect the way you feel and even your thoughts ...

The fungus wreaks havoc in your body by releasing over 300 different mycotoxins into your circulatory system resulting from its own digestion.

And since it is no longer in the intestines, it is safe from predators.

Normally your immune system will identify this intruder and seek to contain it bluntly before it gets out of hand.

However, without these natural enemies that are the bacteria from the intestinal flora that take care of controlling it, the fungus can develop and spread at will.


Moreover, nowadays many people have a weakened immune system due to the stress (fears, pain of life, overwork ...) of a bad diet (pesticides in food, too much sugar ...) or d '' a health problem (antibiotic, contraceptive pill, etc.)


This means that their immune system will not be able to properly fight the overgrowth of Candida.

However, the real problem with Candida lies elsewhere.

The real problem is the mushroom's "armor".

The fungus is protected by an armor-like cell membrane that virtually prevents your immune system from reaching it.

Candida is protected from attacks by the immune system by its cell membrane called: Chitin.

To put it simply, imagine the mushroom wearing armor that a weakened immune system is unable to pierce.


This is why it is so hard to get rid of Candida!

The fungus can remain inactive in your body for several years ...

However, it only takes a small deviation in your diet, even for a single day, or a stressful week to weaken your immune system, for it to wake up and proliferate again. Your problems can then reappear continuously.

A Candida infection can cause a wide range of symptoms in the early stages:

Sore throat





The more the infection spreads, the more symptoms multiply, causing:



The Depression

Extreme fatigue


Hazy thoughts

And many more ...

In a future article, we'll tell you more about the common symptoms that people who have developed candidiasis experience.

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