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Our nutritional supplement is a simple, effective and natural solution that will give you long-term results.

No more laxatives, no control over your diet. You will finally be able to eat and eliminate without constraint or worry.

Our natural formula of Plant Amino Acids offers a real, fast and effective solution to breathe life force into the sphincters (muscles) of the large colon and make constipation disappear.

Constipation is a real dysfunction that affects our health.

A real cellular and motor regeneration of the large colon is essential to regain good transit.

The wide spectrum of our Plant Amino Acids will provide complete regeneration of the digestive system, mouth, teeth, skin and all vital organs ...

Our natural nutritional supplement is available now in our health center.

For more information or to buy it, call us!

To perfect your results, we advise you to complete your treatment with at least a colon irrigation.


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